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0niv8 is an international company focused on IT projects, investment, development & management around the world at various scales.

Manage today and transform for the future with solutions that will optimize your investments, scale effectively and grow your business.

What We Offer


What We Offer

UI/UX for Web

  • Responsive and flexible
  • Impactful integrations
  • Highly optimized
  • Custom design

Web based systems

  • Development & maintenance
  • Any scale websites and CRM
  • Personalized IT projects
  • E-shops and platforms

Digital marketing

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads, other campaigns
  • Social networks
  • Email marketing

Start up's development

  • Start up business strategy development
  • Prototype of design and functionality
  • Technical recommendations
  • IT project assessment


  • Lightweight and reliable technologies
  • Wordpress - client friendly
  • WooCommerce - intuitive
  • Happy client!

Cyber security

  • Hack investigations, advices, fixing
  • Server optimization and security
  • Network security
  • Data security

Your IT project with us is not just a dream...

How we operate

Typical project development looks as follows:

(Please click or tap on the areas clock wise of the pie chart to discover how our business works. Correct clock wise order starts at 12.)

Analyzing client’s needs

In order to properly meet the client’s expectations, it is necessary to prepare the exact and detailed project material before the implementation phase.

We analyze in details: client’s values and positioning in the market, expectations, benchmarking of competitors, global and local best practices, client’s vision, latest trends in the industry.

As a result of our work, we create a prototype for the future solution and prepare a functional description, evaluate available resources and make a budget and schedule for the project, presenting it to the client.

Preparing design / prototype

Design is a driving force and a part of business reputation on the market. We prefer bespoke design.

During this phase we create the concept of home page and interior design in a way the best representing client’s positioning and values to his clients. We set main requirements for design: maximum branding support, awareness and promotion of sales / orders / populiarity.

As a result we present to our client the prototype of website’s elements and functionality, stripped of any visual design or branding elements.

Implementing and coding

Continuing project development, constantly testing at different stages of its development. Developed and tested parts regularly demonstrated to the client.

We optimize everything, maximize functionality, making it user friendly online place.

At the pre-release stage, we make quality assurance, perform final functionality and content testing, providing training.

Further development and maintenance

We are always ready to work together with the client to make further improvements on the project – improving functionalities or design.

Additionally, we provide digital marketing, reporting, maintenance and other services to effectively scale business worldwide.

Regular maintenance assures optimal working conditions and safety.


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Our advantages

High IT and project management skills

Many years of experience working with recognized brands as well as start ups

Optimal level of quality, delivery time and cost

Friendly business environment

Reliability and professionalism our principles of work we do

Headquartering in geographical center of Europe where East meets West, North meets South

Industries we have served so far

Precious metals



Renewable energy



Sports, leisure and entertainment

Food and beverages

Education and training